Dec 31

resolves yes if my profit "turns green" for at least one "tick" on my ALL profit graph in 2024

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PROFITABLE! The graph has been bugging a bit, so I will wait until sunday, if it will still show the green "ticks", the market is going to resolve YES.

new yearly high, still buying biden stock

new ath, but — no more loans come may first!

new yearly highs, buying a lot of biden stock!

oh oh

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My god that is the spikiest profit chart I've ever seen...are you doing high frequency trading on manifold? Lol

@AlQuinn no, its my 40k NO stake on andrew tate being found guilty for human trafficking, the market is pretty "spiky", most of my mana is wrapped up in it, ergo my spiky profit chart

until november i am planning to buy at least another 75.000 YES shares on Joe Biden winning the election

bought Ṁ30 NO

@carl are you buying mana or relying on loans?

@Bayesian not spending any real money on here, all loans and profits from schizo trades

@carl almost at 25k shares

bought Ṁ10 of YES

Do you really REALLY want to turn green for at least one tick?

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