Will the Russia Ukraine war end up in a stalemate without a formal peace treaty, like Korea?

Will be extended as needed, if the war is still hot.

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Please define how this resolves Yes @benjaminIkuta

@vitamind Let's say, when there's a whole month with no combat deaths. How does that sound?

@benjaminIkuta Seems wildly under defined and nothing like Korea.

@vitamind What would you suggest?

How about simply deferring to Wikipedia?

@benjaminIkuta could use Wikipedia as a source to comfirm that:

a) a ceasefire is in place between both nations, and

b) the ceasefire has largely been observed by both sides for a period longer than a year*.

You could also add a caveat in that there should not be any obvious impending military operations from both sides as generally reported.

*Year period is just an arbitrary value, not sure if that's acceptable or not...

@vitamind that seems reasonable

@benjaminIkuta @vitamind sounds like the title could be shortened to "Will the Russia Ukraine war end without a formal peace treaty?"

Stalemate, not slatemate

@TiredCliche thanks

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