Will the class-action lawsuit by artists against several AI art generators be successful?

Resolves yes if it is legally confirmed in this case that any or all of the AI image generators violate copyright law(s) OR if any money is awarded to the defendants.


From the article:

"Some artists have begun waging a legal fight against the alleged theft of billions of copyrighted images used to train AI art generators to reproduce unique styles without compensating artists or asking for consent."

"Using tools like Stability AI's Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, or the DreamUp generator on DeviantArt, people can type phrases to create artwork similar to living artists. Since the mainstream emergence of AI image synthesis in the last year, AI-generated artwork has been highly controversial among artists, sparking protests and culture wars on social media."

"Alex Champandard, an AI analyst who has advocated for artists' rights without dismissing AI tech outright, criticized the new lawsuit in several threads on Twitter, writing, "I don't trust the lawyers who submitted this complaint, based on content + how it's written. The case could do more harm than good because of this." Still, Champandard thinks that the lawsuit could be damaging to the potential defendants: "Anything the companies say to defend themselves will be used against them.""

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@anne Can you please resolve?

@traders any proof?

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@SirCryptomind the lawsuit is still ongoing and it does not seem appropriate to resolve at this time

@SGQ It looks like the creator is inactive. @traders any objection to myself or @SirCryptomind extending the close date so people can keep trading?

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@rockenots the judge has dismissed most of the claims in the artist case against StabilityAI, Midjourney, and DeviantArt

if any money is awarded to the defendants. - Does this include if this is settled? Or does it have to be awarded in court?

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Given that it's considered a breach of copyright to create a sequel in the Harry Potter universe even with a completely original plot, characters, etc. (though J K Rowling chooses to allow not-for-profit fanfiction), I'm pretty sure that some of what some of the AI art generators are allowing - art "in the style of" artist X, or "put Shrek in this image" - is in fact illegal!

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What is considered successful?

Specifically I would wonder about count IX concerning breach of contract on the part of DeviantArt. If that part is successful and all the others are not, does that still count as success?

@DesTiny Thank you, should have clarified! The other market linked below is specifically about copyright so now I’m not sure if it’s inappropriate to specify to that same criteria, or say any win at all is considered successful. Apologies for the indecision.

@DesTiny will edit the description but I’ve decided that it will resolve Yes if they win on any part of the lawsuit, copyright or otherwise. Any money awarded, etc.

@anne Except the DeviantArt part!

More specific market (mine) for just the first claim/count: https://manifold.markets/Imuli/will-sarah-anderson-et-al-vs-stabil

@Imuli Thanks for adding it!

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