Will (at least) two teachers have a rap battle at Proof School this year?
closes Jun 10

Last year, it was Joel and Dr. Yetman. The year before that, Mr. Basu and Mr. Gregg. Who will take the place of teacher rap battle teachers this year?

The Mr. Basu-vs.-Mr. Gregg rap battle took place at the faculty variety show, online. The Joel-vs-Dr.-Yetman rap battle happened at the Winter Show, after over 100 people (in a school with 121 students), including students and staff, signed a petition. The petition was led by two students who are now sophomores (I think). Mr. Basu, Mr. Gregg, and Dr. Yetman still teach at Proof, although Joel left last year (for reasons seemingly unrelated to rapping or battling).

Will there be a teacher rap battle (a rap battle between at least two teachers) sometime during the 2022-2023 school year? Market resolves as you'd expect.

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JoshuaB avatar
Joshuais predicting YES at 12%

Description says “will there be a teacher rap battle” but title says “at Proof School.” What if it happens on the last day of Proof when we’re not actually at the building?

Conflux avatar

@JoshuaB I’m not the market creator, but I think it should count, since it’s at a school day of Proof School (which happens to be a field trip)

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alleycatbought Ṁ50 of YES

@JoshuaB I think it should count, as long as it's a rap battle between two teachers, openly public to Proofniks.

JoshuaB avatar
Joshuabought Ṁ30 of YES

Betting on end of year shenanigans occurring. C’mon folks! Make it happen!

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