Will there be a global wealth or income tax by 2035?

"A global wealth tax could arrive sooner than you think." wrote Martin Sandbu on May 19th, 2024 in the Financial Times: https://www.ft.com/content/1f1160e0-3267-4f5f-94eb-6778c65e65a4

The question resolves yes if the G20 (or any group of countries representing more than two thirds of the world's population and GDP) approves a global personal wealth or income tax by 2035. The question resolves yes even if the tax applies to a very small group of people due to a high threshold (for instance, billionaires). The question resolves yes if the new tax is implemented as a minimum effective taxation rate (similar to the proposed global minimum corporate tax rate).

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I think they might have a minimum tax treaty threshold by then, would this qualify ?

@RemNi Do you mean if, for instance, G20 countries do not introduce a new global wealth or income tax per se but agree on something like: "We tax billionaires at least an effective tax rate of x%" (of income or wealth)? I would resolve this as yes.

@adssx yeah like that, similar to the min corporation tax agreement they did a few years ago

@RemNi OK. I updated the description to make this clear.