Will support for the SPD exceed 17% in the next Ipsos Germany voting intention poll?
closes Oct 7

The market will resolve YES if the Social Democratic Party (SPD) polls higher than 17% in the next Sonntagsfrage (voting intention poll) published on the Ipsos Germany news page after trading opens on 10 September, 2023. The market will resolve NO if support for the SPD amounts to 17% or less in the next such poll.

Trading will be halted before the poll is set to be released, and the market will be resolved once the results of the poll are known. The interval between the closure and the resolution of the market may span several hours or days, depending on the timing of the publication of the poll.

The results of the most recent poll, in which support for the SPD equalled 17%, can be found here, and a history of Ipsos Germany poll results can be found here. Ipsos typically releases one voting intention poll each month.

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