Will NVIDIA become a bigger company than AMAZON by market cap in 2024?
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Does Nvidia need to be bigger for just a moment, or bigger at the end of 2024?

@TonyPepperoni by 2024 end, not at 2024 end. At a day's close.

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Every one of Amazon’s products are done better by competitors. Nvidia does not have competitors. PE values: AMZN 79, NVDA 74

Profit Margins: AMZN 6.9%, NVDA 51%

At timestamp:

  • NVDA: 1.20T

  • AMZN: 1.55T

@mattyb Thank you from those of us on mobile 😭 for some reason I can’t zoom in on images on the app

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@Ophiuchus i leave breadcrumbs for 100% selfish reasons. glad that others are benefiting as well :)

@mattyb At EoY timestamp:

  • NVDA: 1.22T

  • AMZN: 1.57T

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