Will Zvi Mowshowitz win at least $5k from the EA Criticism and Red Teaming Contest?
resolved Oct 2
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Wonder how I should update on Effective Altruism as a whole from this resolution. Will read the winning prizes, to see if any are paradigmatic enough

@JoyVoid I agree that the way to tell is to read the papers that did win bigger prizes, and see if I was right or not about what the contest was looking for...

My entry won an honorable mention, which counts as NO. Given the other prizes awarded, it seems it would have taken a lot to get a bigger prize.

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Maybe I'm overestimating how fruitful this contest will be, but Zvi's entry feels more like an Honorable Mention to me. Is it more agreeing or disagreeing with the content of the post to think the post will win less money?
@journcy I think that is an excellent question, and the answer is probably mu.
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Zvi submitted a contest entry here: https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/pohTfSGsNQZYbGpCy/criticism-of-ea-criticism-contest There's a lot of stuff to digest, highly encourage y'all to check it out!