Will South Korea offer a 100 million won baby bonus (~$70k) by 2028?

They are testing public reaction: https://www.independent.co.uk/asia/east-asia/south-korea-birth-rate-cash-incentive-b2533188.html.

Resolves to YES if South Korea implements such a bonus by the deadline such that new mothers going forward can rely on getting paid (whether or not anyone has yet been paid), and the payment is 100 million won or more.

For purposes of this question it must be a cash payment, not benefits or a tax deduction, and must have NPV of 100 million won within two year of birth (so if it was delayed beyond that, they'd have to pay more).

Resolves to NO otherwise.

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if there's a cap, or if not all mothers are eligible for it (job requirements, two-parent household) does this resolve NO?

@JoeandSeth Good question. Let's say it has to apply to 50% or more of births.