Will GPTs other than DALL-E account for 10% or more of ChatGPT queries in 2024?

Resolves YES if, as best we can tell at the time, at least 10% of all ChatGPT queries use a GPT other than OpenAI's own DALL-E.

Resolves NO if this is not the case.

If the answer is non-obvious and OpenAI isn't talking, I will use a poll or other best-guess methods to resolve, with effort proportional to participation.

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Do bing search and advanced data analysis count here, or only third party stuff?

@Multicore Intention is to consider only ChatGPT on both numerator and denominator.

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There are related questions I find interesting about whether GPTs are going to be successful that I'll link below:

@firstuserhere Yep, saw them on my search and decided those were not the questions I was most interested in, but definitely worth noting.

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