Will GothamChess become a grandmaster by 2080?

Resolves YES if FIDE awards Levy Rozman (GothamChess) the chess grandmaster title at any point before 2080. Resolves NO otherwise.

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Why 2080, I'm not looking to win mana when I'm 78 years old, and GothamChess is not likely to reach GM after 40 years old. Just resolve it in 10 years or something.

predicts NO

@SophusCorry true, ha. People are already bought in here - maybe another market with shorter timeline would be good

@SophusCorry Don't forget about World Senior Championship! Winner automatically gets the GM title.

@themightysalmon Ahahahaha I often wonder if things like manifold will still be around when I'm so old. And whether I'll be around and whether I would care about this if I were.

@SophusCorry I figure gpt will be able to help resolving questions soon

Lol this should be at zero.