Will PryingMind he banned for Market Manipulation over his Factorio "Finishing" Market
resolved Jun 5

****This is clear cut and unlike PryingMinds ambiguous wording that allowed him to manipulate the entire market in his favor of "NO" no matter what***

Market will close when PryingMinds is either banned from Manifold Markets or blocked from creating new markets

FOR CLARITY, Market will close in 2 month

Close date updated to 2023-04-04 6:59 p

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Corrected to YES as pryingmind was never banned

predicted YES

@DavidChee funny how you want to change my post yet will never dare reevaluate the cause. Pryingmind literally fucked everyone out of plenty of M by changing the rules after he didn't get a result he liked. Check out "Will Destiny finish Factorio within the next 2 months" comment history due to his fraud

predicted YES

@Gen Praying is now banned (from my account and blocked)

predicted NO
predicted NO

@PryingMind This guy lol

predicted YES

@Gen I guess I could of been more specific in the description. Gooshly goodness I'll have to be more specific next time

predicted NO

@WhiteRhino Lol, I hope the catharsis from lashing out at me makes you feel better about your bad bets. I will seek to get this market re-resolved, given you are the only benefactor

predicted YES

@WhiteRhino This is market was worse than the Factorio one

@WhiteRhino he's not "banned from Manifold Markets or blocked from creating new markets".

predicted NO

@MartinRandall I think they had good intentions here at the beginning, but today when the other market resolved, @WhiteRhino started complaining again, I disagreed, and so this market was resolved to spite me

predicted YES

@MartinRandall he is banned, I don't want of his markets or posts anymore.

@WhiteRhino just own your rug pull, it's going to be okay.

@WhiteRhino Block != Ban

predicted NO

Yep, I expected that

There are people who literally mis resolve just to troll, or for their own benefit, and don’t get banned

No way this dude who follows his own criteria completely reasonably, gets banned. You guys should be mad at destiny “wow I’m done guys” -> launches the next day and plays for hours

predicted NO

@Gen You can add this person @WhiteRhino to the list of people who mis resolve for both their own benefit, and to troll.

Maybe make a new market about your own banning? Of course I won't participate

predicted YES

@Gen my market was with full intentions honest. It's not my fault you guys misread it

predicted NO

@WhiteRhino You could have at least resolved on the correct day, and then tried to pretend it was well meaning? 🤣 🤣

predicted YES

@Gen I resolved it on the correct day. He's banned

The admins here seem pretty laissez-faire and you need to fuck up a lot to get banned.

What if he never gets banned. Will this market stay up forever?

@Zion I updated for clarity, Market will close in 2 months.

@WhiteRhino ok thanks 👍