Will there be a terrorist attack specifically targeting LGBT people/events during Pride month (June 2024)
Jun 30

The US state department has recently issued a "worldwide caution" to its citizens regarding a possible terrorist attack against LGBT people:


The timing of this just before pride month is not a coincidence.

This market resolves YES if such an attack is attempted in June 2024, regardless of its outcome (e.g. a terrorist cell being arrested while planninng an attack would count, as long as the details are made public by the corresponding law enforcement agency or widely disseminated in the news).

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Two minors were arrested in Switzerland in relation to planning an attack on Zurich Pride. Authorities have not been forthcoming with the details. It is unclear how serious these people were. It may have been as little as "asking around on the internet how to perform an attack using a truck". If that's the case, I think it's not enough for a yes resolution.

Source in German:


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