What will happen with HMYS's ❗Ṁ1.96 BILLION❗ debt to Levi Finkelstein?
@Mira waves a wand of debt cancellation, rewriting reality so the debt appears to have never been valid.
Levi Finkelstein will have not interacted with Manifold for at least a month at the time HMTS's debt is supposed to be paid back.
@hmys does not pay back the loan on time
Levi forgives the debt in a stunning act of grace
@hmys declares bankruptcy, their assets are liquidated, and @levifinkelstein collects their balance, writing off the difference as an acceptable loss
@jim pays off the debt on @hmys' behalf
@hmys breaks Manifold rules to farm mana to pay off their debt (not including incidents before this was submitted)
AGI renders 2 year concerns meaningless
Manifold devalue mana 1000000000000x, making it easy for hmys to buy mana with USD to pay the debt
The full debt is completely paid off on time, leaving Levi almost two billion mana richer

@hmys has solicited a rather large loan from @levifinkelstein, which you can see here: LINK

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Note that 1.96 billion mana is an estimate made by me. Levi charges interest by the minute, and I didn't count out the minutes precisely. I'll update this market if I see an official figure from Levi. Note also that Levi's conditions clearly state that early repayment does not reduce the size of the debt.

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@hmys does not pay back the loan on time

@hmys attempted to use his alt @HakeemYates to farm 150 mana, but their markets were N/Aed.

What will their next scheme be?

I still haven't figured out the debt cancellation artifact of power. It sounds very vaguely like Joshua's NA/reresolution trick, but I don't see how anything about NAing markets could be relevant here.