What number will South Korea's population reach first: 60 million or 10 million?
60 million53%

This market refers to the area of land currently referred to as South Korea.

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What happens if they reunify with North Korea? The population would end up being over 60M potentially

@Tripping Technically this market's description means that unification of border expansion wouldn't automatically make it go up, but in practice it very likely would I think

sk population growth is already negative

@ashly_webb True, but 10 million is almost an extinction event! That's more of a % population drop than the European Jews experienced during the Holocaust

@Tumbles the shocking thing about the holocaust wasn’t only the scale of loss of life, but also the rapidness at which it happened. i don’t see a world in which south korea ever hits 60 million without some crazy innovation in childcare

@ashly_webb I do completely agree re: why the Holocaust was important. It being intentional and in particular it being industrialized as well

@ashly_webb what about a significant change in immigration policy?

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@ashly_webb I see a world where South Korea admits more immigrants to counter the population decline, and the immigrants and their descendants have a lot more kids than ethnic South Koreans, bringing the population to 60 million. (I would've bet more strongly in this direction if Manifold hadn't removed the incentive to bet in long-term markets.)

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