Will the Nintendo Switch become the best-selling game console of all time by outselling the Playstation 2 before 2026?

Resolution will be based on Nintendo Investor Relations data.


As of the March 31st, 2023 update to their numbers, the Switch has sold 125.62 million units so far.

The current best-selling videogame console of all time at the time of market creation is the Playstation 2. The last official sales number from Sony with regards to the Platstation 2 is 155 million units, so this will be the number to beat, unless Sony updates this to a higher number at some point. (https://sonyinteractive.com/en/our-company/business-data-sales/)

If Nintendo report that the Switch has sold more than 155 million units at any point before 2026, this market will resolve YES. If they don't, NO.

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A Switch 2 is heavily rumoured for 2024. Not sure the current switch will sell 30m in the next two years if a successor is already on the market. For comparison PS4 sales have decreased massively since the release of the PS5 in 2020: https://sonyinteractive.com/en/our-company/business-data-sales/

Didnt notice that the title said Playstation 2. I thought it was just playstation in general.

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