Will 'Oppenheimer' (2023) gross more than $1B worldwide before 2024?
closes Jan 2

Will resolve based on the Box Office Mojo reported numbers. Will resolve YES if it reaches $1 Billion worldwide, or NO if it hasn't reached $1 Billion worldwide in the Box Office Mojo total by Jan 1, 2024.


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ayylmaobought Ṁ200 of NO

@AviS I'm not sure how this article supports Oppenheimer getting to 1 billion? I read it but maybe I missed something?

Dach avatar
Dachbought Ṁ250 of NO
capybara avatar
capybought Ṁ50 of NO

Are the yes traders bots?

Edit: reason being there is an almost identical market trading way lower, and so I don’t see why they would trade No here.

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Jai avatar
Jai D (Jai)bought Ṁ25 of NO

@capybara The other market actually gives the movier a few extra weeks to hit $1b (Jan 21), so this market should be lower. Free money-in-expectation for everyone else.

capybara avatar
capypredicts NO

@Jai Exactly. I don’t understand. The other market was here first also.

oDDpANDA avatar
oDDpANDAbought Ṁ120 of NO

Didn't look closer than Wikipedia, but Joker (2019) is the only R-rated movie to ever gross over $1 Billion worldwide, lifetime

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RahulShah avatar
Rahul Shah

@oDDpANDA deadpool got close