Which team will lose the NBA Finals 2023?
resolved Jun 13
Miami Heat
Boston Celtics
Los Angeles Lakers
Denver Nuggets

Resolved according to https://www.espn.com/nba/ or a similar main sports website. If for some reason there are no 2023 NBA Finals, this is resolved to PROB at the end of 2023. (This also includes if a loser is declared without any NBA Finals being played, e. g. via an armchair decision. If any amount of actual NBA Finals basketball is played and a losing team is declared following that, I will resolve to that team.)

To clarify: this will resolve to the single team that makes it to the NBA Finals series and loses, as long as that series occurs (see above).

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admin resolved at Toby's request

Comparing the probabilities in this market with the winners market, the nuggets have a 109% chance of making the finals ๐Ÿคฃ

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@TobyBW Please resolve.

If anyone want to bet based on other markets/prediction sites, you can simply take the difference between the chances of making the finals and winning the finals (preferably from the same source) for the chances here.

I assume this question is really asking "Which team will make the Finals and lose?", right? So you are resolving to a single team, not three teams, correct?

@howtodowtle Exactly. Iโ€™ll put it in the description.