Will Sam Altman be imitated on SNL by the end of 2023?
resolved Jan 2

Resolves positive if Sam Altman (CEO of OpenAI) is being imitated on Saturday Night Live. It counts if it's posted as "cut for time" on the SNL youtube channel.

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SNL is over for the year no?

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looks like next week is a replay of an October episode and there's nothing out there about a "year end" episode (would be the 30th of Dec) so I'm guessing so?

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@shankypanky yeah in seasons past they've done their last episode of the year middle of dec, then been on a break till third week of january

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@NathanBraun great thanks!

@TobiasH can this resolve early based on SNL not releasing new episodes for the remainder of the year?

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They didn’t do SBF (though he was mentioned), doubt they would do Altman

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even with insane events unfolding, I'm pretty sure 95% of the world isn't really that 'tech' saavy to know what OpenAI is, let alone who Sam Altman is.

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@Blomfilter Tech world is so advanced over rest of world, nobody else could really understand it! Like the Rick & Morty lmfao

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@Blomfilter It’s only Monday, plenty of time

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Why would he?

I think you probably want to say "by" instead of "until". "Until" implies "continuously and without breaks between now and then", whereas "by" implies "at least once between now and then".

The intended meaning is clear as written, but you may attract more traders with a slight tweak for clarity.

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+1. I've also started to see "through" used more, which I think has the same problem.

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Worldcoin gonna cause this maybe. Or a big GPT fail/feature that they can make a skit of. Maybe.