Waymo/Cruise coverage in SF Mainland
resolved Dec 29

This market resolves positively if Waymo or Cruise self-driving cars are available in the entire SF mainland.

Currently Waymo and Cruise both have self-driving car programs in San Francisco, but neither operates in the entire city. To resolve positively, the self-driving car program must (a) be open to the public [possibly with a waitlist], (b) allow hailing rides from any public road with parking in SF mainland. This does not include SFO airport or the islands (Alcatraz, Treasure Island, etc).

Jan 10, 11:42am: Waymo and Cruise coverage in SF Mainland → Waymo/Cruise coverage in SF Mainland

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Shouldn't this resolve positively? Waymo's coverage sure looks like it's all of the SF mainland. I'm not sure if there's even a waitlist anymore, but even if there is, a waitlist is explicitly covered in (a)


Does this require one company to offer complete coverage? Or would it resolve true if waymo covers parts cruise doesn't and vice versa such that there is complete "at least one" coverage?

Interesting. Please add to the San Francisco category!

@MCMillennium Done, but I think you should also have been able to do this? Unless I'm mistaken, anyone can add markets to any group, just click the ... button above the question title

@TheSkeward It has to be your market, I think? maybe bluechecks get privileges though

@TheSkeward at least on mobile web and desktop web, I'm not able to change the categories for markets that I don't own

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Title says and; description says or. It's or, right?

@AndrewG Updated title to more clearly reflect intent, thanks

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