ARC-AGI Prize 2024 (Dwarkesh Podcast) - Which of these scores will be achieved during the 2024 competition?

Dwarkesh Patel's podcast on June 11, 2024 had guests Francois Chollet and Mike Knoop launching the $1M ARC-AGI Prize.

This market resolves independently as "YES" or "NO" for each of the three thresholds based on whether they are achieved during the 2024 competition.

ARC Prize measures AGI progress using the ARC-AGI private evaluation set, the leaderboard is here. Validity of scores will be based on the contest rules and judgement of the Arc Prize sponsors.

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neat benchmark,

IMO not that hard to solve, just have the synthetic data for it trained in just like ChessGPT or anything alike

They wouldn't count that.

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