The two most likely ways this resolves YES are lawsuits over using copyrighted material in training data, or over output of the model. There are probably other possibilities too, this is not an exhaustive list. The lawsuit does not have to be successful, but it does have to be serious. If some random person files a lawsuit that's thrown out immediately for not being valid, that doesn't count.

Note: I am not a lawyer, and know nothing about specific technical meanings of legal terms. I will resolve this in my own common sense interpretation (with input from commenters in borderline cases), as I do not have the legal knowledge to come up with watertight resolution criteria. If you do and want to suggest changes to the description to avoid pitfalls, be my guest.

To avoid conflict of interest, I will not trade in this market.

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@probajoelistic Hedging what?

@Ashwin Me being sad when they get sued into oblivion

I had some instances where the output was eerily similar to popular songs

predicts YES

@Soli I like their tech but hate everything else about them especially their ad

predicts YES

@Soli so yes I hope they get sued and hope AI stays out of my beloved music

I find the practice of copyright and patent absurd--which is not saying much considering I find most human practices and activities patently absurd.

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