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closes May 2, 2024
Google Docs includes an AI Editor

Google Docs will include an AI assistant by May 1, 2024 that allows users to edit and analyze document text using natural language commands and questions. The assistant will demonstrate the ability to handle a wide range of user input without the need for explicit commands or strict formatting, including:
- Making multiple, complex changes to non-contiguous selections of text (e.g. "Rewrite the first 3 paragraphs to be more compelling and add statistics to support the key points")
- Answering open-ended questions that require detailed analysis or contextual understanding (e.g. "What are the key themes of this essay?", "Is the logic in this argument flawed?")

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Reynoldsis predicting YES at 94%

A related integration of AI into a google product, but not as high priority.

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Reynoldsis predicting YES at 93%