Will the BBC presenter accused of paying a teen for sexually explicit photos be named in the press within a week?
resolved Jul 12

Non-tabloid, British press. Can be fully couched in "alleged" "accused" "presumably" kind of language, but there must be more or less a consensus that this is the person who is accused.

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Now that Huw Edwards has been named, is that the end of his career? Or will the BBC let him have his job back once this blows over?

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Betting NO only because the question unnecessesarily specifies to "paying a teen girl".

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@KongoLandwalker my bad! the one article I read had used female pronouns. should I change this?

Nitpick, but the gender of the teenager has not been made public.

@palcu well, that reduces the chances of the criteria being met, by half

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@palcu Newsnight (a BBC show, ironically) actually referred to “the young man” earlier this week. I’m not sure if that was a slip of the tongue or if that’s the BBC confirming that the teenager is male!

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@SimonGrayson a young man can be interpreted as a young human. But a teen girl has only one interpretation.

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@palcu argh if true I've messed up. what I read used female pronouns for the teen and male for the presenter. happy to adjust, but it sounds like people bet with this in mind

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@Stralor I think it would be fair to adjust as it doesn’t change things (the market is about the presenter rather than his victim). I bet NO because I don’t think he’ll be named rather than on any kind of technicality!

Are the people saying that they were betting NO because there’s no presenter with a teenage girl as a victim joking? Or do they really want this to be settled as N/A?

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@SimonGrayson I'm adjusting to "teen". If this causes an uproar, I'll place limit orders to buy those affected out or something