WIll @JamesGrugett beat me this season?
closes Oct 2

Last season, @JamesGrugett came out of nowhere and jumped ahead of me in the final days. tbf, I had like -1600 in profits (omg I don't wanna talk about it). Now we're in the same league again, he has a healthy lead, and I've got a vendetta for no real reason. Can I beat him? Or will he send me running home crying in shame?

Last season's standings:

Start of this season:

This is my challenge to myself this month. IT'S ON @JamesGrugett!

Get Ṁ500 play money

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Pat Scott🩴predicts NO

suuuup. we're neck and neck (for this brief whisper of a moment, anyway)

JamesGrugett avatar

Bring it!! 😂