Will anyone walk out of a talk in a huff at Manifest?
resolved Sep 26

There are some controversial figures slated to come, and we're not exactly a group that sees eye-to-eye on everything (that's the part of the point of this site, innit?). But will something be said that causes such a stir that at least one person gets up and walks out, visibly upset or dismissive? Or will polite society hold firm? Must be corroborated by at least two others, ideally more.

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I've decided to commit to resolving this YES. It's not a perfect fit, but I think it aligns with the spirit of the market better than NO.

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Will you resolve NO if there is not the requisite amount of corroboration at close, or will you delay resolution for more evidence?

@Conflux I think I'd like to delay for more consensus, but I'm currently leaning towards resolving YES. It's unfortunately not clean cut, but at least it's worth traders knowing where my mind lies

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@Stralor Eliezer was never in the talk, so you can't say that he walked out of it.

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@AdamKalinich "at least one person gets up and walks out" --- Not clear that Eliezer was even sitting down, either, as the market states.

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@dittopoop :(( very unhelpful for resolution thaaanks eliezer

@Stralor Sounds like he was visibly upset or dismissive.

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@MartinRandall Yeah but his own words state that he doesn’t consider his actions as fulfilling the resolution criteria

@dittopoop The resolution criteria don't require that he does.

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so now that Manifest is officially over, did anybody fulfill the market criteria?

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@dittopoop a source tells me that Eliezer walked out of Matt Barnett's talk in what may be described as a huff while saying emphatically "I've been saying this for 15 years"

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@ArjunPanickssery can this actually be confirmed or corroborated by other people or by Eliezer himself?

If this did happen (not saying it didn't) and was confirmed by eye witnesses, wouldn't this market have already been bought to 99% and resolved?

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@dittopoop I can also confirm this, and have been buying up accordingly, but it’s not 99% as I don’t have enough to compete with acceleration and there are only a few people that know. Ideally Eliezer would confirm