Matthew Yglesias 2024 predictions vs Manifold Time Capsule: Fed does not cut interest rates by more than 100 basis point
Jan 15

A time-sensitive copy of this market:

This market, however closes on 1/14/2024.

This is so we can measure Manifold's calibration against Yglesias' at the relative same point in time given enough traders (which I could make a further meta-market on). Manifold will have a 2 week advantage, but I want it to catch on (I also probably won't add the sports predictions which will obviously give Manifold an advantage). I will also resolve N/A if this actually occurs during the period before 1/14/2024.

Even though it closes on 1/14/2023, it will resolve when the linked market resolves.

Matt predicts 70% for this question

Matt's calibration for reference:

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