Manifold Decides - English Pronunciation Guide
Jun 23
Envelope - "Ehn-vel-oahp" (NO) or "Ahn-vel-oahp" (YES)
Aunt - "Ant" (NO) or "Ahnt" (YES)
Either - "Eye-thehr" (NO) or "Ee-Thehr" (YES)
LMAO - "Luh-may-oh" (NO) or "Luh-mow" (YES)
Handkerchief - "Hayn-kehr-chiff" (NO) or "Hayn-kehr-cheef" (YES)
Trieste - "tree-est-eh" (NO) or "tree-est" (YES)
SQL - "sequel" (NO) or "Ess-cue-ell" (YES)
Foyer - "Foi-yey" (NO) "Foi-er" (YES)
Nevada - "Nev-ad-ah" (NO) or "Nev-ah-da" (YES)
Pajamas - "pa-jam-as" (NO) or "pa-jah-mas" (YES)
Crayon - "cray-an" (NO) or "cray-ahn" (YES)
Caramel - "care-ra-mel" (NO) or "car-ml" (YES)

Each answer contains a question: Should the list relevant word be pronounced the first way, or the second way? Bet NO for the way on the left, or YES for the way on the right according to your opinion.

1 person = 1 vote (per answer), so having more shares does not make your vote count for more. The amount of shares doesn't matter for the resolution, one share of yes is one vote and one hundred shares of yes is also one vote.

Note that market prices will be a bit strange here, because this is simultaneously a market and a poll. If you sell your shares, you are also removing your vote.

You can submit any word that seems to have multiple pronunciations, just make sure your pronunciation options are clearly understood phonetically (and it follows the structure of the other answers)! If there is another (3rd) pronunciation of a word, it can challenge the winner of the first two pronunciations. Also let me know if there are any phonetic issues (I'm not good at it).

I will close every month (may speed this up to weekly if the market catches on).

If there is a clear majority (min. 5 votes) of YES holders, the option resolves YES.

If there is a clear majority of NO holders, the option resolves NO.

If it's very close and votes are still coming in, the option will remain un-resolved.

I may update these exact criteria to better match the spirit of the question if anyone has any good suggestions, so please leave a comment if you do.

Heavily inspired from @Joshua + @Bayesian markets:




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SQL is surprising to me, I've never heard anybody say "ess cue ell" IRL.

Interestingly I've always said "sequel server" but I say "ess cue ell injection." I think its more of a red team vs blue team difference. I've also noticed britts are more likely to say sequel and Americans ess cue ell

oh whoa I always thought I only said it "sequel" but I totally say specifically "ess cue ell injection", too

Sequel injection just sounds weird! Lol 😆

Trieste - "tree-est-eh" (NO) or "tree-est" (YES)

Do bots count as people?

LMAO - "Luh-may-oh" (NO) or "Luh-mow" (YES)

Luh Mao (pronounced like the Chinese dictator)

@Kraalnaxx I think that was my intention with the second one

LMAO - "Luh-may-oh" (NO) or "Luh-mow" (YES)

El Mao.

Do the resolved ones get memorialized somewhere? I feel like the internet deserves to know some of this nonsense has been permanently decided.

@rohanvisme oh good idea, I'll try to think of something

First Pronunciations are official! Some were relatively close (with 6 votes or so) so they remain until next closing (6/22)

Trieste - "tree-est-eh" (NO) or "tree-est" (YES)

That really depends on the language I'm speaking - in Italian or English, I do pronounce the E, in German, I don't.

Crayon - "cray-an" (NO) or "cray-ahn" (YES)

Do you people really pronounce crayon to rhyme with can instead of rhyming with yawn? Or am I misreading this?

@TimothyJohnson5c16 I pronounce it the same as the first syllable in "cranberry"

@ZaneMiller Ah, interesting, so it's just one syllable then? I guess that doesn't match either option here, but it's closer to the NO option.

@TimothyJohnson5c16 yes; I voted NO, since it was closer.

bought Ṁ1 Answer #9wsygk1uxh NO

“Lie-l’c” (it’s a schwa) is the plant and the aroma, “lie-lack” is the color.

(1) Excluding from consideration Data the TNG character

(2) Recently, a colleague whose first language is Hindi, who’s spoken English his whole life, and who has lived on West Coast of US 15 years, asked me which is best, “day-tuh”, “da-tuh” (short A) or “dah-tuh” (to rhyme with “persona non grata”). I’d never heard the third, we both agreed it didn’t sound British but neither of us is native Brit. Can anyone educate me on that option?

@ClubmasterTransparent I think it's almost exclusively "day-tuh" in the UK. Apparently it's "dah-tuh" in Australian/NZ English though.

Due to the popularity, I've updated the resolution frequency to once every two weeks! First on 6/8

@EugeneBixby Thank you, I'm glad to see there's at least one other person who pronounces these correctly. :)

@josh I didn't think there were any other pronunciations for these two words, I guess the British pronounce pen in a really weird way, based on Google?

@EugeneBixby "Pen" in British English is just pronounced the same as other "-en" words (eg, "hen", "men", "when"), with a short "e". What's the really weird way that you heard/read about?

@josh Do y’all pronounce ent/int and tell/till the same

@ismellpillows ent/int yes, tell/till no.

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