Will the next Governing Mayor of Oslo after the 2023 elections represent the Conservative Party?
resolved Oct 25

The current Oslo city government (2019-2023) is a cooperation between the Labour Party, the Green Party and the Socialist Left Party, and the current Governing Mayor (byrådsleder) is Raymond Johansen from the Labour Party (Ap). Johansen was also Governing Mayor from 2015-2019. In the period 1997-2015, there were three different governing mayors from the Conservative Party (H).

This market resolves as soon as the next city government is announced after the 11 September 2023 local election. There may be a period of negociations after the election.

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The election results are in, but it's still uncertain what the next government coalition will look like. The Conservative party, who got the biggest share, wants to govern with the Progress party and the Liberal party. The Liberal party hopes to govern together with Conservatives and the Green party. The green party has suggested a cooperation between themselves, Liberals and Labour.

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@StigJohan its unfortunate the pools of traders for some of these smaller scale politics markets are so low, but keep it up! its cool + useful to have on the site.. people will come!

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