Will Lockheed Martin deny that it was in possession of UFOs before the end of 2024?

Throughout the negotiating process for the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act, defense contractor Lockheed Martin's official public relations stance has been that "all questions related to unidentified anomalous phenenoma should be directed to the US Department of Defense."

Despite being pressed multiple times by reporters and being directly asked multiple times whether the company has worked on non-human UFO reverse engineering projects or has non-human UFOs in its possession, Lockheed continutes to refuse to deny these claims.

This market will resolve to YES if Lockheed officially denies that non-human UFOs exist, that it was in possession of non-human UFOs, or that it had worked on non-human UFO reverse engineering programs before the end of 2024. Otherwise, it resolves to NO.

As it is likely that what remains of the UAP Disclosure Act is currently causing a mass destruction of records and technology around this subject to cover up substantial criminality, the denial must state or imply that the company was not ever working on non-human technology. A carefully worded statement such as "Lockheed Martin is not currently in possession of such technology" fails.

This market is one of a series of questions I will be posting to challenge people who are skeptical of the UFO topic to logically think through the behavior of officials and businesses surrounding current events. I'll link to the new questions in this description once they are available.

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