If non-human intelligence is confirmed, was indisputable government-created evidence already in the public domain?

Many people speculating on non-human intelligence repeatedly claim that there is "no evidence" that the phenenomenon exists. However, it could also be possible that some or almost all of the existing evidence that is currently being dismissed as "faked" or "hoaxes" is truthful. I suspect that significant evidence already is available but is being buried in fake documents or being dismissed as too fantastical.

This market will resolve on, or one month after, the following market's resolution, which at the time this market was posted was trading 33% for non-human intelligence:


If the resolution of that market is non-human intelligence, this market will resolve to YES immediately if at least one document, photograph, or video that was available on the Internet before July 26, 2023, and which was created by the US government, and which was presented as evidence of non-human intelligence, was genuine.

If one month passes after that market's resolution to non-human intelligence and no such document that was created by the US government is found, the market will resolve to NO.

The evidence in question must have actually been created by the US government and leaked to the public. Evidence that was debunked but turns out to be real, and was erroneously presented as government-created, will not be considered.

If the market resolves to an option other than non-human intelligence, or the market is resolved to N/A, this market will resolve to N/A.

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If the evidence currently in the public domain is already “indisputable” then there would be no disagreement: everybody would agree that aliens exist.

predicts YES

@Soren then vote no

@NivlacM I don’t trust the creator of this market to honestly dispute it in such a manner.

@Soren Or, I take that back. Here is the point I should have initially made:

The title should be reworded, instead of saying “indisputable” - the title should be something like “is any of the current UFO evidence that is suspected to be a hoax actually not a hoax?”

That matches more closely with the resolution description given, and avoids my earlier concerns.

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