What will be the maximum monthly revenue paid out by OpenAI to a creator of a custom GPT in 2024?
Dec 31
1$ - 10.000$
10.001$ - 50.000$
50.001$ - 100.000$
100.000$ - 200.000$
200.001$ - 500.000$
> 500.000$


With the introduction of Custom GPTs by OpenAI, creators can now develop and monetize custom versions of ChatGPT. OpenAI has announced plans to share revenue with creators based on user engagement with these custom GPTs. This market seeks to predict the peak monthly revenue payout by OpenAI to an individual creator for their Custom GPT in 2024.

Resolution Criteria

This market will resolve based on the highest monthly revenue payout confirmed by OpenAI to an individual creator for a Custom GPT in 2024. The payout must be a direct payment from OpenAI for the usage of the Custom GPT. Any other forms of revenue, such as indirect earnings through referral links, direct sales, or other services, will not count towards this market. The resolution will be based on official announcements or credible reports.

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I really think the odds here are completely wrong.

They REALLY need to solve the prompt regurgitation/RAG file inspection issues before anyone commits serious resources to developing anything truly useful, significantly beyond base GPT-4 capabilities. As it is now, it’s a bit of a joke tbh.

@Broseph you seem to know a bit about this, I've done zero research on the custom GPT API aspect where you can call out from the GPT to some external service, can this be used right now to make custom GPT functionality secure from copying?

@Broseph I have spoken a bit with @firstuserhere about this and we are both optmistic that by end of 2024 Custom GPTs will be defensible (see this question)

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