Will we have a [decent] end to end AI generated anime series by the end of 2024?
Dec 31

@firstuserhere made an interesting market here but the resolution criteria are very forgiving. This market attempts to answer the same question with less degrees of freedom.

Market Resolves YES Requirements:
- All relevant aspects are AI generated: Script, animation, music, art, voices, sounds, etc.
- One coherent storyline that goes across 3+ episodes.
- Episodes are at least 20 minutes in length.
- Quality: I personally consider the quality decent or reasonable.
- Characters express movement and animation consistent with anime that would be aired on Crunchyroll. (not neccessarily big budget)
- Primarily uses 2D animation style. 3D models do not count.
- Should appear to have a standard "anime" style.

If the above are not met this market resolves NO.

I will NOT bet in this market.
I plan to resolve based on the spirit of the question.

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What is your policy on

All relevant aspects are AI generated: Script, animation, music, art, voices, sounds, etc.

being true and the pieces are stitched together by a human without making any significant changes to the generated material?

If this is claimed to be true by a company and their claim is also backed up by other companies using their product, or if it is a product they offer as a business solution to large studios, or if the claims of the anime being AI generated are verified by trustworthy sources, that counts, yes?

predicts NO

@firstuserhere I'm not snake man, but I feel like it would be reasonable to require any non-AI processing to be simple enough that you can write some code to do it without knowing the prompt or the exact output.

@jskf That is my understanding too, if its a pipeline which takes script from here, generates characters from there, voice from somewhere, and then processes it all together, while those are independent AI systems, then that is fair game

@firstuserhere I am ok with that, correct!

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