Once real-money cashouts are enabled, will Manifold allow its staff to trade?
Jun 21
None will be allowed to
Some will be allowed and some won't
All will be allowed to, but some will choose not
All will keep trading
Cashouts to real-money never enabled

Seems sussy for Manifold staff to trade on markets when real money is on the line and we have the final say on how to resolve it.

If mods have a position we usually ask them to defer to another mod if someone is needed to step in.

If there is a company policy/the founders decide that certain employees cannot trade then it will resolve accordingly.

If no policy is created/when pushed the founders don't want to ban any particular staff from trading then it will resolve to "all will keep trading", UNLESS someone commits to not trade (in which case this market will close and stay closed for 6 months and resolve if they uphold that commitment for 6 months). For example, I feel quite strongly that I shouldn't trade as the one usually with the final say in the niche, complex situations. Then again, trading is fun and I would like to find a responsible way to still do it to a small extent.

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Why isn't the option "will trade, but won't get prize ppints/cash" on the table?

@MartinModrak I think that is reasonable. Another reasonable option would be that not all staff can trade in a market so at least one is impartial about resolving. In a small company, I don’t think that helps as much with real money on the line and close personal relationships, but as scale increases I could see a vote of N unrelated staff members being pretty impartial.

@MartinModrak In hindsight could have been a cool option to have.

In my eyes being able to cash out marginal amounts or not doesn't matter much compared to being able to trade. I was more concerned about how we can stay impartial and main high user trust when creating this question.

@MartinModrak This seems likely to me as well: Manifold employees either not being permitted to win prize points, or only being allowed to redeem prize points towards charity.