S5 Diamond League, Whom Will Have The Highest Mana Earned At The Official Close Of Season? (1k Mana Subsidy)
resolved Oct 2

Resolves To User Who Has The Most Overall Mana Earned Across All Diamond League Teams.

In event of a tie between any amount of traders, it will resolve as BONUS.

Current Diamond League Teams:

  1. Auspicious-Leviathans

  2. Disruptive-Yetis

  3. Enigmatic-Sibyls

  4. Futuristic-Thunderbirds

  5. Giga-Brownies

  6. Psychic-Augurs

  7. Shy-Brownies

  8. Ultra-Sorcerers

  9. Uncanny-Brownies

I Will Not Trade On This Market But Will Create The Listing For The 'BONUS' For The Purpose Of The Bonus Stated In the Description

I Will Not Investigate Manipulation, Be Your Own Police And Speak About It In Comments. If It Escalates I Would Ask The Parties Go To Discord And/Or Discuss With Mods. Making Markets About It Are Fair Game Also.

10/01/2023 Clarification:
I Will Not Resolve This Until Season 6 Stats Start Showing So That There Is Difinitive Proof Of Final Mana Earned For Season 5.

Get Ṁ600 play money

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Whomever is in the Diamond League (still or new to it) can use this as a template for Season 6! I will not be running this since I promoted to Masters.

Appreciate my believers, which did not include myself 😂

@EliLifland Congrats!

@EliLifland I was really pushing it from 1pm ET to Official Close Time, if I had 30-90 more minutes I would have tied or passed you I believe.

good game gg GIF

@JamesGrugett Is there any reason that the results of leagues would change after it is showing it officially ended?
I added a clarification, purely out of caution of mis-resolving.

@SirCryptomind Nope, unless something went wrong haha

Unofficial Official Results At End Of Season 5:

Eli Lifland Ṁ23,689

Sir Cryptomind Ṁ23,289

Jack Ṁ22,645

I may have been highest if my NFL predictions had 2-3 more hours. I was putting a lot of Mana down today on games 😂

Current Top 3:

Eli Lifland Ṁ23,540

Jack Ṁ22,387

Sir Cryptomind Ṁ21,447

Clarification on when this will resolve added.

“BONUS” looking more and more likely, lmao

@BenjaminShindel Losing 10k to manipulate a market is hardcore

Top 3 in decreasing order: Jack (25,127), SirCryptoMind (20,377), Travis(14,275)


Season 1 Stocks GIF by National Geographic Channel

@SirCryptomind You've been great at those sports markets

The Daily Show Wow GIF by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

@jack has a way larger balance than @SirCryptomind yet jack did worse In S4 despite Sircryptos handicap of a very small balance at the start of the month