Will more than M69,420 be spent on ads by April 1
closed Apr 1
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firstuserhereis predicting NO at 42%

Any stat update?

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Sinclair Chen

requires a supabase query which I'll try to do on monday

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Radicaliais predicting NO at 40%

A few things that could make ads better:

  1. Don’t display ads for which users can’t claim the reward (because they’ve already seen them)

  2. Make it easier to vote on all types of questions in the ads page (ie, without having to click on the market)

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Isaac King

How much has been spent so far?

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Max Payne

Is Mana „spent“ when ads are created or only when viewed?

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Sinclair Chen

@MaxPayne when created

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Jamesbought Ṁ10 of YES

Really love Manifold ads. Makes the mana economy so real. And it's fun!

We should promote this feature by linking to it somewhere more prominent (not just from the sitemap).