Will Austin Chen get a girlfriend at any point in 2022?
resolved Oct 9
This market resolves to "Yes" if at any point before the end of the year, my brother @Austin and a woman both consider themselves to be dating each other.
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Shall Austin find joy on Manifold?
In two trades, a love story told

@noumena @v in denial

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@noumena the tips on this make up for me selling 200 shares a week ago 😭

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Mazel tov!

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I believe in Austin <3
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Never go short on love. You can do it, Austin.
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Clearly Nuño Sempere just hates love.
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@MattP 💞
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@Austin we're counting on you buddy
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Et tu, Alice?
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@Austin Only because of the profile picture!
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Would be very happy to be proven wrong though!
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in all seriousness i think signalling affinity with the anime pfp guild is good
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Aww, thanks Rachel! One more reason to get https://manifold.markets/Austin/will-we-successfully-rent-the-4bed1 I've had this profile picture since high school, it's kind of a test of "if you can't handle me at my geekiest, then..." Clearly hasn't worked out that well :P
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I will happily take portraits for you Austin! I'm pretty decent at it.
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Oh yeah, Austin, can you update your profile picture? It's important!
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anime pfp but not a trans girl = forever alone i dont make the rules
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Can we get a market on whether Austin will ask a woman out by the end of the year? Seems like a good baby step toward resolving this market in the positive. I don't expect myself to know if this happens, so I'd appreciate it if someone closer to him would create the market.
Any dev could print infinite mana, but we shouldn't and don't, so I trust that Austin wouldn't fake-date someone for this market. If he did anyways, I'd just use common sense. I hate Metaculus's pages of resolution criteria. If you dated Austin, I'd revenge hook up with [specific girl Austin likes] :p
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Market is underspecified and too munchkinable. I will note that as written this resolves YES even if Austin and a woman agree to consider themselves to be dating each other for even one minute for the sole purpose of resolving this market. (Sinclair, how would you feel about me doing this... 😈)
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Lol invite all your prospects!
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I don't think you've ever had my cooking, Ruth - how would you know if it's any good? (we should do a potluck sometime!)