Will we successfully rent the 4bed/1.5 unit below us?
resolved May 25
So it turns out the unit below us has been available for a while! I'd love to rent it out to a bunch of friends, and live the group house dream. Not posting the address because I don't want anyone to snipe it, but it's a great place, centrally located in the Mission; this would be on the first floor though, so maybe a bit noisier. Resolves true iff I or a friend of mine signs a lease for the unit, before the market close date. P.S. If you (yes, you, reading this) are ever in SF and want to hang out, hit me up at akrolsmir@gmail.com, I love love love chatting with Manifold users~
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Done, thanks for the reminder Rahul!
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Can you resolve this market please?
Additionally, we made an offer and the landlord hasn't responded; actively seeking other options.
Still morally committed but the landlord hinted that they have another possible client...
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You can now suggest a name for this house! https://manifold.markets/Sinclair/what-should-we-call-the-4bed15-unit
proving my commitment to living here
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@ZianChoy it's been on the market for 303 days, according to Zillow, probably due to the misadvertised bathroom. (It's also above market rate.)
@Undox it turns out that 1) was true. The place was advertised as having 1.5 bathrooms, but only had 1. Not very tenable for a 4 bedroom asking for a price which would require at least 4 people to pay rent. I am one of the potential rentees; we asked the landlord to install a second toilet at his own expense prior to our potential move-in date.
By "a while", do you mean that it's been vacant since: - Before COVID - About a year ago - A month or two ago ?
I think it's mostly 2/3/4. I'm quite happy with my landlord!
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I went for NO because of the good odds, and also I reckon SF you will have competition, but at the same time I am not confident to take the odds lower because you said they have been empty for a while, so I wonder why that is. I can think of: 1. The have been doing renovations, it wasn't too habitable before, now it is. (good for NO) 2. Bad marketing (good for YES) 3. Bad market (unlikely? good for YES) 4. Priced too high (depends on how much you are willing to overpay for that convenience) 5. Fussy Landlord (fussy about who lives there, good for YES as they already accepted you as a tennant on another unit)
*we neither own or lease the bottom unit, at the moment. We're leasing our own unit.
We neither own or lease our own unit; we live in a townhouse consisting of 3 units stacked on top of each other, each ~4bedrooms, ~1500sq ft. Landlord on 3rd floor, me + 3 friends on the 2nd, and 1st floor has been empty for a while.
Do you own or lease the unit already? Or do you meed to buy/rent it first then sublet?