Will a serious competitor to NVIDIA in the AI chip space emerge before EOY 2027?

As of 2024, NVIDIA has 80% control over the global GPU semiconductor chip market.

At its recent GTC 2024 (March 18-21, San Jose) the company unveiled its Blackwell chip series, the most powerful GPU optimized for AI. The chip houses 208B transistors, and delivers 5x the performance and 4x the memory of its predecessor.

Current competitors include Intel, AMD, and startups on the horizon like Groq, founded by a developer of Google's TPU (tensor processing unit). Groq has developed an LPU (language processing unit) delivering faster, more efficient large language model performance.

OpenAI is also reportedly exploring a massive chip company project, on the scale of trillions of dollars.

Given the global increase in demand for AI chips:

Is it likely a serious competitor will emerge for a slice of NVIDIA's market dominance, or is the company just too far ahead of the competition?

Serious competitor would need to shave off at minimum 15% of NVIDIA's market share in this timeframe.

Resolves Dec 31 2027.

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How does this resolve if an existing player creates a competitive product line that allows it to accomplish the 15% outlined in the market?

@TamasSzelei Would resolve YES. Can be an existing player that "emerges".

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