In what year will we achieve AGI?

This market resolves according to the creation of a poll on Manifold, asking users to vote if we have achieved AGI.

The market resolves yes, if over 75% of the users in that poll vote that we have achieved it already, symbolizing great confidence. The poll is valid only if over 100 people vote on it. The poll can also be replicated many times.

In the case there is no positive outcome within the next 50 years, this market resolves as 2074 anyway.

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This market currently says my expected value is 129, but the actual sale value (adding up the buckets) is 53. Anyone know if that's a bug on these new numerical markets, or a "feature" where "Expected value" actually means "value if you could theoretically sell your shares without shifting the market"?

If the poll is replicated many times, how do you plan to aggregate the results?

@TimothyJohnson5c16 what do you mean? As far as I saw all the polls were on the probability of this event happening on specific dates, this is the first time that Manifold allows us to create numerical markets. I'm not planning to aggregate results personally, I'm planning to let users bet on the specific year

@SimoneRomeo I see, so you mean every year you'll re-run the poll to see if we've reached the 75% threshold?

@TimothyJohnson5c16 ah, I see your point. I don't expect to run it every year but when there are outstanding breakthroughs. Also, anyone could run such poll and I would close the market accordingly