Will the UK's monthly GDP figure published on 11th August show positive growth?
resolved Aug 11

The UK's Office for National Statistics will publish the latest monthly GDP reading at 7:00 BST on Friday 11th August.

This is the month-on-month figure - released around six weeks after the end of the month that is beig measured (June in this case).

Will this reading show positive growth?

Resolution notes:

  • A reading of 0.0% resolves to NO

  • This market resolves based on the reading published on the day, future revisions are not relevant

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Month-on-month GDP growth was 0.5%.

As reported in the Guardian.

As reported by the BBC

(Note - the headline figure of 0.2% growth is for the quarter rather than the month. But that's also a positive reading so there's no ambiguity there!)

Will we see growth again next month?