Will the UK government cancel the Christmas Parliamentary recess to debate or vote on the Rwanda scheme legislation?
resolved Jan 8

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is promising to pass "emergency legislation" to save the Rwanda scheme. Info about the scheme, the legislation and a market on whether the "safe country" element will be enacted are here:


Parliament is due to go on recess between 19th December and 8th January, but Sunak's most vocal critics on the right including Suella Braverman are demanding that he cancel this so that Parliament can sit over Christmas:


Will the Government cancel the Christmas recess?

Resolution notes:

  • This market will resolve to YES if Parliament sits on any date that they were supposed to be in recess and at least some of that time is spent discussing, debating or voting on anything related to the Rwanda scheme.

  • If the kind of activity which usually goes on during Parliamentary recess takes place as normal, that will not count as Parliament sitting.

  • I will be expansive with the definition of whether Parliamentary activity relates to the Rwanda scheme - if they are discussing anything to do with immigration or asylum law, discussing the Rwanda treaty, talking about pulling out of the ECHR or abolishing the HRA, etc. that will count. If they are discussing anything that can be argued is in any way related to the Rwanda scheme, I will err on the side of counting it.

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Parliament reconvenes today after the Christmas recess, so this resolves to NO.

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