Will Barbie gross $1.2 billion worldwide by the end of 2024?
resolved Aug 19

The Barbie film has been a huge success, already grossing $795 million worldwide.

It looks assured to be the second film of the year (after the Super Mario Bros Movie) to hit the Billon Dollar mark:


Will it keep going and hit $1.2 billion?

I will use this page at Box Office Mojo as the source. If the worldwide total hits $1.2 billion (unless there's some sort of obvious glitch on the site), this will resolve to YES. If we reach the end of the year and it hasn't hit that number, the market will resolve to NO.

(Edit - mentioning 2024 rather than 2023 in the title of this market was a typo, but since people have already been betting I will stick to the letter of the market and only resolve this as NO if it fails to reach $1.2 billion by the end of 2024 rather than 2023. Though figures from the last few days make it look like it will hit that number pretty easily and this won't be an issue!)

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Box Office Mojo says $1.206 billion so this resolves to YES!

How high can it go?



predicted YES

Since this market is at 95%, it's probably time for a more aggressive target!