UK General Election 2024 - Will Rishi Sunak debate Nigel Farage?
Jul 5

We are 37 days away from the general election and it is expected that the two main party leaders will have one or more debates during the campaign:



While Sunak has suggested six debates so that he can then accuse Starmer of running scared rather than agreeing to that many, Nigel Farage has now entered the fray and challenged Sunak to a debate about small boats!

Will any televised debate between the two of them take place?

Debate definition for this market:

  • Both Sunak and Farage appearing in the same broadcast.

  • Direct interaction between the two, i.e. they are permitted to respond to each other’s statements directly.

  • Equal representation, I.e. both are allowed to speak for approximately the same time.

  • A moderator to provide questions and enforce the rules of the debate.

  • Broadcast on one of the main free to air UK TV channels.

If someone else such as Keir Starmer also appears in the debate, this will still resolve to YES if the above definition is met.

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