Premier League 2023/4 - Will Spurs finish in the top 4?
May 19

The 2023/4 season of the Premier league kicks off this weekend, starting with a Friday night game between newly promoted Burnley and champions Man City.

Each team will play 38 games and the final fixtures of the season will be played on 19th May 2024.

The Top 4 teams in the table will qualify to play in the UEFA Champions League the following season. Will Tottenham Hotspur finish in the top 4?

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Spurs are well-positioned to secure a top 4 finish in the Premier League 2023/4 season. Historically, they have a strong track record, finishing in the top 4 in three out of the last five seasons. As of November 11, 2023, they rank 4th, with Son Heung-Min leading as top scorer. The team has benefited from strategic signings and Antonio Conte's stable leadership, enhancing their squad depth and tactical flexibility. This season, without the demands of European competition and following Harry Kane's departure, their focused efforts on domestic play further boost their prospects for a top 4 finish.

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According to the OPTA Analyst supercomputer, Tottenham have a 31.7% chance of finishing in the top 4. Although some may argue that this probability is low, the computer ran the simulation after the 4th game. It's competitors, Manchester United and Newcastle, are both currently below Tottenham. Their chances are 28.4% and 16.7% respectively (Segar, 2023)

Tottenham's newly appointed coach, Ange Postecoglou, was not a big name coach and his experience lacked compared to other managers in the Premier League. Surprisingly, after 8 games, Spurs are sitting first alongside Arsenal and with no losses. Although the league has a long way to go, a strong start might make the difference when making the top 4.

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Overall, I agree with the opinion. When the first comment was written, only 4 matchdays have been played in the Premier League. To reinforce your initial statement, if you look at the historical data, you will find that from 2013/2024 season (last 10 seasons), every season where Tottenham made more than 1.87 points per game (2021/2022, 2018/2019, 2017/2018, 2016/2017, 2015/2016), they have finished in the Top 4 (4th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd,3rd respectively).

Currently, Tottenham is in 2nd place averaging 2.36 points per game with their 8W-2D-1L record, their highest average since 2016/2017 (where they also finished second). The only match Tottenham has lost this season was against Chelsea in a very odd 9-men game. According to this same data (excluding this season’s data), the probability that Tottenham finishes top 4 is 39.7%. The fact that they are averaging 2.36 points/game is very atypical (7.91%), which runs in their favor. If Tottenham continues at this level (and Chelsea and Manchester United do not improve) and unless something unexpected happens to their current trend of pitch performances, it is very likely that they will finish in the top 4.

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yall have 0 faith

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@8 they actually might. thought kane departure would be too hot for them to handle

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@nobody Yes, this is a new era in the Premier League, with more than just the usual clubs being seriously in with a chance of qualifying for the Champions League. Over the years fans have grown so used to the Champions League spots held by the big four Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool. The 2023/2024 champion league is a game changer because statistics are truly showing the team that is aiming for the trophy. I was thrilled with the performance Tottenham displaced on Monday the 6th of November 2023 against Chelsea, they were 2 men down, but they still played a defense and attack like they weren’t short of players even thou we know the outcome or result of the game however I still think they need to be applauded.  I strongly believe with the game they have displayed so far at the premier league this season that have landed the 2nd position in the board.

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