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If 'by' you mean 'before', which it looks like you do, shouldn't the close date be December 31st 2032 23:59? Or January 1st 2033 00:00 I guess.

@JamesColiar I don't see much harm in adding one day.

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@Shalun In a perfect world all markets would close right before the outcome becomes publicly known. What's the point of adding a day?

@JamesColiar I like it when markets close no sooner than there is complete clarity.

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@Shalun You don't need to resolve the market the moment it closes. Closing just prevents further trading.

@JamesColiar I know. Maybe during this extra time some new traders will come.

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@Shalun They'll come to squeeze out guaranteed mana.

@JamesColiar I don't see a problem with this from the point of view of utilitarian ethics.

Nearly the same as

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