Will I be living in the United States in June 1st 2025?

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Just realized I should have made this ask about the fourth of July, for thematic reasons

Any barriers present?
@ian I am taking a job in Israel starting in a couple of months. I'm planning to decide whether I like it enough in Israel to want to settle down there permanently around the end of 2024 (this will be affected by things like job satisfaction and culture/social/relationship satisfaction (specifically whether I get married). There's also a risk factor that my green card gets cancelled if I'm out of the country too long, although this seems fairly low so long as I take appropriate precautions (at least according to my lawyer).

@ShakedKoplewitz How's your job in Israel going?

@kaleidofunk the job's alright, it is not on the list of reasons I might want to move back to the US