Season 2: Will I promote to platinum league?

I intend to stay active on Manifold. If I am planning on changing my activity, or purposefully losing mana, I will not give exclusive information about it to any Manifold user, it will either not be mentioned or posted in a public place like the Manifold discord/comment section of this market

Resolves YES if:

• I am in platinum league when season 3 starts.
Resolves NO if:
• I am not in platinum league when season 3 starts
This includes things like:
• Manifold removes leagues

• The structure of leagues changes, and gold users cannot promote to platinum
Resolves N/A if:
• Season 3 doesn't start by 2023 end (12/31 11:59 PM UTC), AND it is unclear whether I will promote to platinum

Get Ṁ500 play money

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