Will my upcoming post "Microaddictions" get more than 100 Substack likes?
resolved Mar 6
Sometime in the next few weeks, I will publish a post talking about ways that short-term activities display some of the same features as long-term addictions . The post is about 500 words long. This market resolves as positive iff, within one week after being posted, it gets 100+ Substack likes (ie the little heart button beneath the post).
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It’s at 101 on my screen so…
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86 after a little over a day, seems like a pretty safe bet.
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Microaddiction is Manifold Markets. Social network … plus gambling.
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has 62 already
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Hardly gonna get any profit
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think this deserves to be at least a little above the base rate - sounds like an interesting topic, not overly technical or anything, introducing a new term/newish concept that'll be useful in conversations going forward
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Buying NO down to the base rate.
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Of the 35 significant text posts (posts that aren't open threads, Highlights from the Comments on ___, guest posts, Mantic Mondays, ACX Grants, or link posts, and aren't subscriber only) that I see since September 1, 2021, 9 of them have had 100 or fewer likes. So the base rate for posts like this should be 74%.