Will Ukraine take Grayvoron this week?
resolved May 29

Context, as this is just unfolding:


Russian separatists seem to cooperate with Ukraine and took the border checkpoint at Kozinka. They seem to be carrying out operations on russian soil in order to create a "security strip".

I am interested in how wide this zone will be.

Resolution criteria will be the map of Deepstatelive:


DeepStateMAP | Map of the war in Ukraine
DeepStateMAP | Map of the war in Ukraine
News of Russia’s war against Ukraine on the map

Market resolves yes if at any time before Monday 29th 15:00 GMT the area marked "contested" reaches the bridge of "Tarana Street" over the creek "Grayvoronka".

Sorry, but I haven't figured out how to place markers on Deepstatelive.

Here is the marker on google maps:


Here are the coordinates:

50.482857, 35.685731

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The enemy has regained control of the area near Grayvoron.

Deepstatelive.map has updated the map, the territory near Grayvoron is no longer contested.

I think this is very unlikely to resolve YES at this point.

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@42irrationalist yeah.

I found this video in a german social media platform:


There was no source, but it sounds like the operation is over.

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The Kremlin-Russians moved in with their air force.

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@Schwabilismus source? :D

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@Birger Okay this seems to be just an attack helicopter who accompanied the troop transport helicopter. I am still looking for the video of a mig i saw yesterday.

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@Birger I couldn't find the source anymore. I'll strikethrough my original comment.

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Getting closer than I expected.

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@Schwabilismus Super interesting, thanks for updating! I'm curious to see whether they make enough progress for deepstate to consider the aforementioned point contested

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@Schwabilismus drone footage of the separatists was geolocated:


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